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Sonoma Lavender Neck Pillow

The Sonoma Lavender neck pillow is a fantastic luxury lifestyle product for lovers with large necks, it provides a luxurious feel to it and is fabricated from luxury fabric that is unequaled for shoppers with a soft, fluffy feel. The pillow can hold up to a daisy or other large flower, and is likewise exceptional for people with a large family.

Sonoma Lavender Neck Pillow Walmart

This Sonoma Lavender taupe lux neck pillow from new is unrivalled for enthusiasts who adore Lavender in their sleep, the pillow gives a soft, luxurious feel to it and is manufactured of 100% organic cotton. It grants an 2-piece construction with a comfortable, thin-weave cup and care care system that guarantees a healthy, soft, environment, this Sonoma Lavender scent neck pillow is manufactured with 100% luxurious Lavender and Lavender oil luxury sleep pillow. This soft, luxurious pillow features a Sonoma Lavender pillow flower, the endangered sleep pillow grants a small hole in the center for air to enter and exit, and is produced of soft, luxurious materials. This pillow is a practical alternative to help promote sleep and promote healthy sleep duration, the Sonoma Lavender scent neck pillow is sterling for sleep. This be design is of Lavender and scent, the pillow is produced of 100% organic cotton and grants a soft, system. The Sonoma Lavender scent neck pillow is an enticing surrogate to relax and the Sonoma Lavender neck pillow is a valuable luxury lifestyle product for enthusiasts who are wanting for an innovative and stylish pillow, this pillow is fabricated with luxurious Lavender as the natural color with a softness and comfortableness that will give you the sleep you need. The unique design is what will make aroma spa soothing lavender, neck pillow is stand out from the rest, this pillow is fantastic for folks who are scouring for an unique and stylish pillow.